The Green County Family YMCA established a YMCA Heritage Club in 2015 to recognize individuals and families who have designated a gift through their estate to benefit the YMCA Endowment Fund managed through the YMCA Foundation Board. Our first annual Heritage Club Dinner was in November 2015. See the photos from our event here. >

Valuable life-changing programs and services will be continued for future generations thanks to the vision and commitment of Heritage Club members. These gifts build long-range financial stability for the YMCA.

Green County Family YMCA Endowment Fund

Currently, the YMCA Endowment Fund is over $400,000.

Donors that make gifts to the YMCA's Endowment Foundation may qualify for membership in the Heritage Club.

Green County Family YMCA Foundation Board

Our Green County Family YMCA Foundation Board was formed in 1988. The Foundation exists for the sole purpose of sustaining the YMCA mission in Green County and managing the YMCA Endowment Fund.

Paul Voegli, YMCA Foundation President

The Foundation has a board of directors under the leadership of Paul Voegeli, Board President.

The future success of the YMCA in Green County will be dependent on sustaining gifts of financial support. The Foundation's ability to fund the YMCA program is crucial to the YMCA's ability to provide services to the community.

Members and participants are encouraged to remember the YMCA Foundation in your charitable giving. All gifts are tax deductible. All gifts are appreciated large or small.

A working arm of the Foundation is the "Pooled Income Fund". This fund allows donors an opportunity to give a gift to the YMCA, receive a tax deduction and still receive income from the gift for the life of the donor.

If you have any questions regarding the YMCA Foundation or the Pooled Income Fund, contact Paul Voegeli at 328-2000.